The many benefits of Container Storage

Renting a storage container offers several benefits over other storage options such as indoors in a warehouse:

Cost efficiency Much more cost-effective – Typically renting a self-storage container is less than half the price of a self-storage room. A lot more expensive – Due to the high cost of warehousing facilities you’ll get much less volume for your money.
Flexibility Hire a container long term to meet an ongoing storage requirement or short term to cope with stock fluctuations, seasonal requirements, a house move or building project only one month notice on termination. Because of the difficult access arrangements you can hardly use it on a short term basis and hardly comfortable on a long term basis.
Accessibility As they’re on our Secure and CCTV covered site, you can access everything 24/7 by driving up to your unit. You can park nearby your storage unit and don't need lifts and trollies. Severely constrained by doors and long passages to get to your possessions to your storage and back to your vehicle.
Moisture 100% Weatherproof – completely protected against the elements and well ventilated. Usually not ventelated so inherent moisture is canned in.
Security Our compounds are secured at night and we have 24 hour CCTV. Containers are virtually vandal proof and you supply your own lock and for peace of mind, you hold the only key! We have been looking after people’s possessions for over 7 years and are extremely proud of our 100% security record. As you are supplied with a key, you do not know how many key copies are in circulation and who’s got them. Doors etc are not really vandal proof being manufactured out of light weight material.
Parking Ample parking and you can drive up to your unit. Usually there isn’t sufficient parking available at the entrance to such facilities.

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