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Size Estimator

Depending on how you pack and store your goods, the following table provides you with a guide to our self storage containers with an approximation of what each container can hold. You can move to a bigger or smaller storage container if there are units available.

If you are still unsure which size you require and should you need more information, contact our office where experienced staff will be happy to discuss your storage requirements and recommend the best solution. You can also, view SIZE CALCULATION TIPS here.


Outside Length
Outside Height
Outside Width
Internal Length
Internal Height
Internal Width
Door Width
Door Height
Cubic Capacity
3 ft (Exmouth)
6 ft (Exmouth)
8ft Container 2.44m 8ft 2.26m 7ft 6in 2.26m 7ft 2.29m 7ft 6in 2.06m 6ft 6in 2.11m 6ft 11in 2.10m 6ft 11in 1.95m 6ft 5in 9.95m3 351cf
10ft Container 2.99m 10ft 2.59m 8ft 6in 2.44m 8ft 2.84m 9ft 4in 2.39m 7ft 10in 2.35m 7ft 9in 2.34m 7ft 9in 2.28m 7ft 6in 15.95m3 563cf
20ft Container 6.06m 20ft 2.60m 8ft 6in 2.44m 8ft 5.9m 19ft 4in 2.39m 7ft 10in 2.35m 7ft 9in 2.34m 7ft 9in 2.28m 7ft 6in 33.2m3 1,172cf
Lockitstorage 8 foot storage container


(56sq ft, 392 cub ft)

1 Bedroom house

File Storage,

Moving Home,

1 average bedroom flat contents.

Lockitstorage 10 foot storage container


(80sq ft, 640cub ft)

1-2 Bedroom House

Moving Home,

Long term storage,

3 Sofas, Dining Table,

Chairs, etc.

Lockitstorage 20 foot storage container


(160sq ft, 1280cub ft)

3-4 Bedroom House

Long term storage,

store of goods while abroad,

Moving Home, etc.

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